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24 Hour Emergency Service 254-535-1344

24 Hour Emergency Service  254-535-1344
Ph.  254-698-0111
Fax 254-698-0112

We provide State Inspection for Killeen, Ft. Hood and surrounding Central Texas area. Our inspection services ensure your vehicle meets or exceeded state safety requirements.

Our inspection of your vehicle or truck includes a complete inspection of all vehicle or truck components, bumper-to-bumper. We inspect mirrors, reflectors, all lights and windshields for operability and cracks. Our inspections include a full review of your braking system and components in addition to steering, wheel and tire condition.

Commercial vehicles, semi trucks and trailers will be inspected thoroughly from the front of the tractor to back of the trailer. We also inspect coupling devices,  truck and trailer frame, all brake lines, and suspension.

You can be assured that we inspect your passenger vehicle with the same care that we use for all other inspections.

Our process is accurate, fast, and thorough.

State Inspection Services

Centex Truck and Trailer Repair offers state inspection services for Killeen and Ft. Hood area.

24 Hour Emergency Road Side Service. Call 254-702-5767

Click Here for Texas State Inspection Requirements

State vehicle inspections for Killeen, Ft. Hood and surrounding Central Texas.