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24 Hour Emergency Service 254-535-1344

24 Hour Emergency Service  254-535-1344
Ph.  254-698-0111
Fax 254-698-0112
1750 E Ave H
Nolanville, TX 76559
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Centex Truck and Trailer Repair uses the Millenium Brand for all of our Bed Liner applications. Unlike other liners made of polymers, Millenium Liners use a combination of epoxy resins and Kevlar (Dupont ) to ensure its wear ability.  

Below is a list of usefull applications for Millenium Liner®. Click here for  more detail information concerning Millenium Liner®.

Millenium Liner® Bed Liners

Millenium Liner can be for the tuff, everyday commercial, heavy duty jobs -

To protecting personal, casual use trailers.